Two dead after being attacked by polar bear in Alaska

Two dead after being attacked by polar bear in Alaska.
Two dead after being attacked by polar bear in Alaska. Photo by Vaclav-Sebek.

A woman and a boy died after they were attacked by a polar bear in a remote Alaskan village 

A Polar bear has killed a woman and a boy in a remote Alaskan village after it was reported to have entered the village. 

A small town with a population of about 150 people, the village of Wales is a remote settlement inhabited by native Inupiaq people. 

Police said that the incident took place in the village located on the western tip of the Seward Peninsula, after a bear started to chase people, as per a report by BBC on Wednesday, January 18.  

It then attacked the woman and boy, eventually killing them.  

Authorities have still not yet revealed their identity but said that the matter will be investigated further.  

Attacks of such nature by polar bears in this region have been reported to be extremely rare  

Although studies suggest that the rise of animal attacks on humans is due to the decrease in their natural habitat.  

As per a study by The Wildlife Society, the percentage of attacks by polar bears on humans has been reported to have increased. The peak period of such attacks is said to be between July and December. 

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