Western allies to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine

Western allies to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine.
Western allies to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine. Photo by Karolis-Kavolelis Shutterstock.com

Armoured battle vehicles made by western countries to be sent to Ukraine for the first time to fight against the Russian invasion 

Western countries have for the first time decided to send armoured battles vehicles to Ukraine, instead of the heavy tanks, it had requested.  

According to a report by Reuters on Wednesday, January 4, French President Emmanuel Macron has informed his Ukranian counterpart  President Volodymyr Zelensky that his government will send combat vehicles.

This includes the light AMX-10 RC armoured combat vehicles, aimed to help its war effort against Russia.  

Following the statement by Macron, U.S. President Joe Biden also announed that he was considering sendind Bradley Fighting vehicles to Ukraine.  

The report said that the Bradley armoured vehicle has been a part of the U.S. troops since the mid-80´s. It has been a staple for carrying troops across battlefields.  

The American armoured vehicle also has a powerful gun, which would gave more fire power to the Ukranian forces, as well as strengthen their abilities to fight trench warfare.


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