Smoking cannabis in public to be banned in Amsterdam

Smoking cannabis in public to be banned in Amsterdam
Smoking cannabis in public to be banned in Amsterdam Photo by Harry Beugelink

The city council of Amsterdam to ban people from smoking cannabis on the streets of the inner city  

People in Amsterdam will soon be no longer allowed to smoke cannabis in public around the inner city after a new bylaw is passed by the city council.  

According to a report by Euronews on Wednesday, February 15, the move has been announced after complaints from the locals who say they suffer from over tourism and alcohol as well as drug abuse on the streets of the city.  

With more than 18 million visitors recorded in the city in 2022, Amsterdam has long been famous for its cannabis culture and coffeeshops.  

But as per a statement by the council, “Tourists also attract street dealers who in turn cause crime and insecurity”, adding “Residents of the old town suffer a lot from mass tourism and alcohol and drug abuse in the streets,”, as cited in the report.  

The council also said, “the atmosphere can get grim, especially at night when people who are under the influence hang around for a long time”.  

The law which is set to be implemented from mid-May onwards and the council is also reportedly considering a ban on smoking cannabis on the terraces as well coffeeshops.  

Aside from this, shops around the inner city will also not be allowed to sell alcohol from 4 pm onwards from Thursday’s to Sunday’s ever week. Shops selling alcohol will also be required to remove them from display.

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