Boyfriend killed by UK primary school teacher who stabbed him before burying his body in the garden  

Boyfriend killed by UK primary school teacher who stabbed him before burying his body in the garden  
Boyfriend killed by UK primary school teacher who stabbed him before burying his body in the garden. Image by Northamptonshire Police

The teacher informed her school that she needed to isolate herself after suffering from COVID-19 when she killed her boyfriend in the UK 

A gruesome case of a primary school teacher who stabbed her boyfriend before burying his body has been heard at a court in the UK.  

According to allegations by the prosecutors in the case cited by Wales Online, Fiona Beal “penned a chilling confession, describing her dark side as ruthless and explaining how she hid a knife in a bedside drawer”.  

The prosecutors then said that she got her boyfriend Nicholas Billingham to “wear an eye mask before his pre-planned murder”.  

After the incident, partially mummified remains of Billingham were discovered in March 2022, more than four months since he was last seen at a meeting.

Beal, who is a resident of Moore Street in Northampton, has so far denied all the charges.  

During the hearing of the case at the town´s crown court, Prosecutor Steven Perian KC stated that “Beal had written in a notebook that she believed Billingham was cheating on her and had decided to kill him by October 2021”.  

The jurors were also informed that the notebook “contained a claim that Beal had been spat on and threatened during sex and subjected to cruel and belittling treatment”.  

Persian also told the courtroom that “Nicholas Billingham whilst still in a relationship with the defendant had cheated on her with other women. She (Beal) believed he was cheating on her again”. The prosecutor then stated that rather than leaving him, “Beal formed a plan on how and when to kill him, where to conceal his body, how to cover up and explain his disappearance to others, and how to explain her own absence from work when she killed him”.  

He added, “The prosecution suggests from the evidence gathered it is very likely, she killed Nicholas Billingham during the evening of the 1st of November 2021 in their bedroom”:  

As per the court, Beal tied up the body of her boyfriend before wrapping it up and buried it in the garden.  

She then painted and cleaned up the bedroom where she had killed him. Beal allegedly then informed others that Billingham “had left her for another woman”.  

Beal also reportedly sent messages from his phone to friends and colleagues, pretending as if he was still alive.   

The court was then informed that the police found Beal in March 2022 in Cumbria at a lodge, “after suffering superficial wounds and writing what read like a suicide note”.  

Officials then took her to a local hospital, and she was detailed under the Mental Health Act.  

“The police recovered a notebook from the place where she had been renting that detailed a chilling account of how she had planned and killed someone, but it did not contain the name of the person she had killed”, the prosecutor added.

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