Two dogs shot dead by police in London 

Two dogs shot dead by police in London 
Two dogs shot dead by police in London  Image: Amani A

Officers of the Metropolitan Police arrested a man in connection for having ‘dangerously out of control dogs’ who attacked officers  

Police officers in London have shot and killed two dogs and arrested a man during an incident that happened Commercial Road, Poplar.  

According to the BBC, the incident happened on Sunday, as police officers were called to reports a dog attacking a woman at around 5 pm, local time.  

Footage of the incident which was later posted of social media shows a man holding two dogs, just before he gets tasered and the dogs get shot.  

After the incident a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said, “Officers attended the location where the aggressive behaviour of two dogs was of considerable concern and posed a significant threat to them.” 

“A man was arrested in connection with the incident for having a dog dangerously out of control and assault offences. He has been taken into police custody.” 

The statement also said that the “Taser was discharged during the incident and both dogs were destroyed by police at the scene”, adding, “no-one was taken to hospital.” 

It continued, “This is never an easy decision for any officer to take, but police have a duty to act where necessary before any further injury is caused”.

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