Ciudadanos Huercal-Overa Visit Expats in Urcal


Ciudadanos Huercal-Overa Visit 

Expats in Urcal

Calling all residents of Urcal, Las Norias, Las Labores, Santa Maria de Nieva!

The Ciudadanos Political Party in Huercal-Overa are inviting all English speakers to come along and meet the Ciudadanos party at the New Coviran Bar in Urcal this coming Thursday the 21st of May at 19:00. The meeting will be conducted in English so you can ask questions about their political ideology.

In an election it is ALWAYS a good idea to hear what each party has to say, so then you can make an informed decision when you vote!

Albert Rivera Ciudadanos Leader
Albert Rivera Ciudadanos Leader

Wikipedia Description:- Citizens (Spanish: Ciudadanos shortened as C’s) is a political party in Spain which described itself as centre-left and non-nationalist shortly after its inception, though it has often been described as centre-right and mildly supportive of traditional Spanish civic nationalism. The party presents itself as offering a mix of liberalism and social democracy on its platform. Its official positions are a mix of socially liberal policies and economic liberalism. It is mainly active in Catalonia, where it has nine deputies in the Parliament of Catalonia. It aims to the defend the use of Spanish and opposes Catalan nationalism. The leader of the party uses the phrase: “Catalonia is my homeland, Spain is my country and the European Union is our future” to outline the party’s ideology.