College Football Roquetas de Mar supports the Spanish Under 21


College Football Roquetas de Mar supports the Spanish Under 21

More than 400 students from the College Football attended the match between the Stadium of Mediterranean to sub selections 21 Games Spain and Georgia.

Thursday afternoon was a big party for more than 400 students of the School of Municipal Soccer Roquetas de Mar, who attended the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games in Almeria to encourage the Spanish under 21, who faced Georgia a round of the qualifiers to the European Championship.

College Football Roquetas de Mar supported the Spanish Under 21


At 17 hours they left several coaches from the Sports Pavilion Infanta Cristina towards the Stadium. The match started at 18:45 hours. Students from the College Football Roquetas de Mar viewed encounter in the area of ​​preference. They had fun and enthusiastically encouraged the selection.

Spain offered a great show. He beat Georgia by a convincing 5-0 with goals from Deulofeu (3), Williams and Ceballos. In addition to these players, the Under-21 include the talent of a generation with the quality of Marco Asensio, Oliver Torrres, Denis Suarez, Munir or Almeria Duarte, among many others, which are already fully consolidated in the Spanish First Division soccer .

Students from the College Football came home with the satisfaction of having seen a match up that gives them competitive in their sports training, besides having enjoyed the experience which is an activity of this kind.



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