25% of Almeria hospital staff are on temporary contract


FEARS HAVE been raised over the high number of hospital workers who have a temporary contract in Almeria.

The Independent Trade Union Confederation and Officials of Almeria (CSIF-A) have reported that about 400 staff of the Hospital de Poniente Public Health Agency in El Ejido, El Toyo, Guadix and Loja do not have a permanent position.

CSIF has demanded a definitive Public Employment Offer to stabilise employment and to stop the departure of professionals looking for more permanent work.

On 12 December, representatives of CSIF Almería met with the hospital manager, José Antonio Hernández and reiterated the need to forge a real and firm commitment that promotes permanent employment.

The union also advised that the elimination of temporality in work will lead to an improvement in the quality of care available to patients.