Fight broken up by police in Roquetas de Mar

Aguadulce beach in Roquetas de Mar

A BRAWL broke out over the weekend near Aguadulce beach in Roquetas de Mar.

The fight, which occurred inside the Arena 501 bar, was heard and seen by patrons in the surrounding vicinity and on the beach.

The incident took place at 6.20pm and was broken up by attending police officers. More than 30 were believed to be involved with damage to the establishment.

Customers in the nearby restaurants were alarmed at what they saw and heard. Beach revellers also report hearing the commotion.

Holidaymaker Zorica Ilin left the scene with her fiance as the violence begun.

“It wasn’t a quiet row. We’d just sat down and immediately left when we heard glasses smashing and a lot of screaming. When restaurant staff and owners start shouting for a brawl to stop it’s time to go.

“In all honesty, if people can’t handle your drink they shouldn’t be casting a cloud on other people’s day.”