Sought-after Lamborghini delivered in a private ceremony at the owner’s home

SOUGHT AFTER: The Lamborghini Centenario. Photo credit: Lamborghini

ONE of the world’s most exotic and sought-after Lamborghini sports cars quietly arrived in Canada last week; and, was delivered to its new owner by Grand Touring Automobiles in a carefully orchestrated operation that could have been a chapter in a spy novel.

The Lamborghini Centenario, one of only 20 Roadster versions in the world of the company’s carbon fibre technological tour de force, was delivered to its discerning owner in a private ceremony at the owner’s home – the culmination of a two year process in which Grand Touring Automobiles handled every aspect of the acquisition of a highly coveted production spot through vehicle configuration and ultimately delivery.

At approximately $4 Million CAD, the Centenario is the only one of its kind in Canada; and, one of only 40 of the Centenario coupes and convertibles built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth in Italy.

All forty of the V-12 supercars have already been sold to buyers across the globe.

If the arrival of the car in Canada, and the delivery to a private owner was something of a secret, the pride of the staff at Grand Touring Automobiles has been hard to hide.

“The world’s finest automobiles are the stock and trade of the staff at Grand Touring Automobiles,” explains dealership President and Chief Executive Paul Cummings; “but, the Centenario really got everyone excited. The remarkable technology of the car, its arresting design and physical presence; and, the honour of delivering such a rare car to one of our very special customers, made this a real occasion.”

The buyer requested that details of the transaction and his identity remain private.

“Sensitivity, privacy and discretion aren’t the kind of virtues you advertise on a billboard, but they are very important qualities of the staff at Grand Touring Automobiles,” Cummings says.

“Our clients may enjoy the world’s most prestigious automobiles, but many place a high value on their privacy, too. Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure their expectations of discretion and privacy are met.”

If and when it appears on the street, the car itself is sure to steal the spotlight.

With its glossy carbon fibre exterior and dramatic red accents, it will be unlike anything seen on Toronto area roads.

The Centenario’s performance is equally show-stopping: acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, and an expected 350 km/h top speed.

The 7.0-litre engine produces 770 hp and nestles in a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and carbon fibre body.

The limited edition Centenario is a showcase for Lamborghini expertise in exotic materials and leading-edge engineering.