Spanish police dismantle hashish gang


THE GUARDIA CIVIL in Melilla has dismantled a criminal organisation that specialised in large-scale distribution of hashish.

Nine people have been incarcerated as a result of operation ́’Litux-Poniente’ which began in February when a tractor was found to have a considerable amount of the drug concealed in one of its fuel tanks.

It is believed that the driver could have made up to six previous trips which would result in up to 1,500 kilograms of the illegal substance having made its way into the country.

The group created legitimate companies in order to mask their activities as the hashish was brought from the Peninsula to Melilla in large transport vehicles such as lorries, tractors and trailers.

Many of these vehicles had specially constructed ‘double bottoms’ to their fuel tanks in order to conceal the drugs.

There were two structural aspects to the organisation.

In Alicante and Almeria drivers were recruited and the false floors were fitted to the lorries.

In Melilla the drugs were supplied and stowed for transport.

Members of the organisation had experience of drug trafficking offences, being very well connected with the transport guild and using a variety of vehicles under different names to avoid police monitoring.

Eight of those arrested were Spanish origin with one being Latvian.