Special education centres needed in Almanzora Valley

Aránzazu Martín Moya. Photo credit: Parlamento de Andalucia

THE Popular Party of Almeria has raised concerns that there are insufficient special education schools for students in the province.

Aránzazu Martín Moya, the PP representative for the province in Andalucia’s parliament, has requested that the Andalusia Board construct special education schools in the Almanzora Valley.

Currently, the only centres which offer this provision are in Almeria city and El Ejido. She cites a 2010 Ombudsman for Children report which concluded there was an insufficient network of specific centres. The Board’s subsequent Plan of Action 2012-2015 was produced to address the issue which the PP say has failed to handle any long-standing deficiencies.

The province of Almeria has a total of 240 places already of which 139 are in Princesa Sofía and 60 in Rosa Relaño in the capital. Five places are also in Asprodesa in El Ejido, 18 in Down Almería and 18 in the Jesus Trade centre.

Martin calls on the Board to readdress the disparity, saying that painful situations for families and children are made worse if accessible facilities are not available to offer support to students.