Cool cave houses in Almeria

CAVEMEN LIVING: Cave houses are becoming hot property choices in Almeria. Photo credit: Youtube

ALMERIA province is famous for its troglodytic villages and it is quite common to come across cave houses or chanca, a group of houses carved into the rocks.

These homes are dug out of soft, sand-coloured cliffs and provide excellent insulation from the hot, summer sun in this desert-like province.

The temperature inside these bioclimatic dwellings keep an even temperature of approximately 21 degrees centigrade all year round.

They often have a conventional facade with windows and tiled roofs, and above are chimneys that jut out from the earth, a sight often seen from the road.  Skylights are dug for lighting within the cave.

This means that in the summer months, staying for a week or two in a cave house would be an ideal place to keep cool.

Cave houses can be rented all through the year for reasonable prices, and are quite popular with holidaymakers.

The idea of living in a cave appeals to many, and the sale of these houses is becoming increasingly popular, with some estate agents specialising in sales of them.

Interesting cave-dweller settlements are Alhabia, Gador and Benahadux, in the region of Santa Fe de Mondujar and near the site of Los Millares, a large Bronze Age settlement with a prehistoric fortress from 2,000 BC.  Other areas include the Alpujarras, Fondon and Laujar de Andarax.

So why not give it a try, live like our cavemen ancestors for a week, but don´t worry, the cave houses are fitted with all mod cons for comfort!