Historical regeneration announced as part of 2020 strategic plan

REBOOT: Plans have been started for reactivation of the historic centre. Photo credit: Youtube

THE  Huercal-Overa council has initiated the Plan for the Reactivation and Dynamisation of the Historic Centre and forms part of the Huércal-Overa 2020 strategic plan.

An analysis of the area is currently underway, and in the coming weeks, a consultation will be held with the participation of neighbours, associations, administrations, promoters, builders and merchants, amongst others.

The mayor, Domingo Fernandez, the town planning councillor, Manuel Buitrago, and the manager of Edificart, the company in charge of the plan, Gines Fernandez, presented the project last week.


The purpose of the project is to curb the decline and depopulation of the town’s historical areas as well as progressive deterioration of the central area. It establishes strategies and actions that promote an attractive image of the zone with the principal economic and social objectives geared towards generating employment and economic development.  Housing, tourism, hospitality, commerce and leisure are also essential factors.

Officials say that the challenge is to protect, provide and maintain an attractive historical centre for citizens and visitors while boosting the economy and achieving an agreeable plan with businesses and residents alike.

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