Horoscopes – 18 August 2017



Are you willing to hear someone else’s opinion or their side of a story? You might have drawn your own conclusions and believe that allowing someone to have their say is a waste of both your and their time. After all, the facts speak for themselves – don’t they? Ah, but what if you were made aware of missing information. Might that change your perspective and attitude toward what you’ve drawn a rigid conclusion about? This week, all you need to do is be prepared to listen to what someone is genuinely trying to tell you.


In the stew of daily life, an element of antagonism is a healthy ingredient. Like pepper, it adds some necessary ‘bite’. The same can be said about competition. It too can be healthy if introduced in the right way. This week, you needn’t be resentful toward or fearful of what seems to be increasing in ‘potency’. It might feel as if something stable is becoming unstable but it’s important to trust that this is a symptom of something becoming more potent in a way you need it to be.


You might be heading straight into unexplored territory in some way and this is likely presenting you with a host of questions that might be difficult to answer. All you can do at this stage is offer your best guess. However, that’s likely all that is needed. You don’t have to cover every base or anticipate every possible outcome in ways you believe you do. This week, be willing to let a plan drift briefly rather than believe you must steer it constantly. Remove your oars from the water and see where you end up. You’ll like it very much.


Events this week are likely to be memorable for some time to come but, I hasten to add, for all the right reasons. Something connected with what you share with others or one person in particular is being highlighted. Something also needs to change where this is concerned too and change, it will. The first change surrounds you focusing more intently on needs of your own that have fallen by the wayside recently. That’s about to become a necessary and overdue priority.


There will be a change to a relationship or commitment. This is probably change you’ve been aware has been coming for some time so hopefully it won’t come as a complete shock or surprise. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some adjusting and compromising needed on your part, though. You might have to be more accepting of a position you’re being put in than you’d prefer to be. However, an accompanying sense of relief and release will make up for this.


A change, they say, is as good as a rest. However, because we tend to resent change, we tend not to feel at ease with what’s altering in our world. Yet, change occurring in your world now appears to be one that you’ve engineered through applying determination and persistence in a particular way. That means it’s a change you can and should feel proud of. You wanted it. Now, you’ve got it. Be proud of the way you’ve been the captain of your own destiny.


You might feel your voice hasn’t been heard or your views or opinions about a certain matter haven’t mattered. This might have naturally caused you to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself, rather than go to lengths you believed would be required for you to be listened to. This week, something starts to shift. You could become aware not only of how sought-after your ideas and opinions are becoming but how easily it is becoming to convey them.


The coming week will see a dramatic change connected with your emotional security; it’s fair to say something involved with your home or family set-up might need to get slightly worse before it improves dramatically. However, what emerges on the domestic front shouldn’t be a total shock or out-of-the-blue development. Psychologically, you’ve been preparing for this for some time. This week, a mental plan gets put into action.


The coming week brings a restoration of faith in a particular area of your world. This has much to do with your ability to either communicate more effectively than you’ve been able to do recently or having a Eureka Moment of sorts that helps you to become clearer about what’s required from you to bring an improvement to the area where one has been sorely needed. You don’t need to continue being accepting of an unacceptable situation or arrangement. This week, a conversation or idea become pivotal to an overdue change.


Something connected with your earnings could take up much thinking time this week. It might also require you to think on your feet to resolve a monetary matter. Yet, this would all feel so less manageable if you weren’t aware of how you’ve been here before. Whatever raises its head now is something you’ve tackled swiftly and effectively previously. So, don’t be daunted by this week’s challenge. This is a challenge you can and should rise to and put to rest with relative ease.


Expect emotions to be running unusually high and for information to come light that, at first, you might believe you could have done without having brought to your attention. Yet, there’s something extremely positive to be gained from all the apparent tension and chaos. You’re about to discover something helpful, timely and reassuring about yourself. That makes this week a very special and important one.


‘A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.’ So said old Rose in the film, ‘Titanic’. In truth, all of our hearts are chasms for secrets to dwell within and we often have a choice about what we choose to release. This week, you might feel you have no choice other than to release one of yours. The benefits of doing so outweigh any perceived awkwardness, anxiety or tension. Allow someone to know what’s in your heart. It enlightens them and helps you enormously.