Nobel Peace prize for Costa

Nobel Peace prize

WHEN it comes to a sense of national identity countries like Britain, Germany and France could learn from Costa Spain?

Much of northern Europe is obsessed with immigration and amalgamation of diverse ethnic groups. The result is disharmony. Southern Europe boasts greater ethnic diversity than anywhere else in the world yet the outcome is harmony. Surely this trait is deserving of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Set between Alicante and Cartagena, Torrevieja is home to no less than 138 different nationalities. Here, we find true diversity as Europeans, Africans, Latin Americans, Asians and Muslims go about their daily routine.

A world-traveller, I cannot recall anywhere in the world where there is greater harmony than multi-ethnic Torrevieja and communities like it.

Each is perfectly comfortable with their culture and background. Moroccans don’t pretend to be Irish; the Scots and Irish may bristle at being considered English: Russians, Germans and Scandinavians are perfectly at home in their own skins.

Yet, in my lifetime, brother was pitted against brother. The outcome was the martyrdom of 50 million Europeans and non-Europeans. Many more were ethnically cleansed, enslaved, and millions fled abroad.  Yet, we do not hold grudges.

In Southern Europe we see North Africans sharing the same services and facilities as do Indians and Pakistanis, who incidentally warred in my lifetime too.

Neither I nor anyone else of my acquaintance recalls incidents of ethnic rivalry in Costa Spain. We get on fine together, we welcome diversity, and we respect each other as equal before justice and God. What is the secret?

Here in our mixed communities there is no politically correct pressure to mix. Nor is their bigoted ostracism of those whose preference is for one’s own kind.

No problems, our multi-ethnic communities are tolerant. Here are set an example to war-torn France, United States, Holland, Germany and Britain.

With zealousness close to DAESH fanaticism pathetic Northern European regimes insist on forcing diverse ethnic-groups with cultures far different from their own to amalgamate, to socialise and inter-marry.

In Britain, you cannot turn on the television; flip the pages of periodicals without being exposed to institutionalised race propaganda. Typically, an advertisement will feature two or more models.

In true Stalinist style the subjects are ethnically different and of course ecstatic at being in each other’s company. This politically correct drivel is incessant.

Britain’s anti-ethnic culture is not for me; give me the Costas every time. As Oscar Wilde, an Irishman, surmised, ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’