Almeria union is supporting Catalan public employees


THE Independent Trade Union Centre and Officials, CSIF Almería, has reiterated its support for public sector workers in Catalonia.

The union has warned that public sector staff could incur disciplinary and even criminal liability if they enact Catalonia’s referendum law proposing independence from Spain. Spain’s Constitutional Court suspended the law produced by the Catalan Parliament.

According to CSIF, even at times of full national political debate, public employees must remember that they are the cohesive element of the State.

“Public employees work for the equality of all Spaniards, live wherever they live and public administrations, are guarantors of the principles that underpin the model of the social, democratic and right state.

“We will not tolerate any kind of pressure or coercion against a public employee because he or she is placed in the constitutional order. The public employees of Catalonia have us by their side.”

The union stressed that they emphasise that the first obligation of the public employee, in any administration across the country in which they exercise their function, is constitutional loyalty and due compliance with the current legal system.