Residential car park robber arrested in Almerimar

BUSTED: The thief targeted private car parks. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

A 26-YEAR-OLD man has been held by the Guardia Civil on suspicion of committing a string of car robberies in Almerimar.

His arrest comes after detectives launched a probe in the wake of a series of complaints from victims.

Investigators believe that the man was living in a disused storage unit, entering via a broken door.

A raid on the building resulted in the seizure of two stolen bicycles, two portable DVD players, mobile phone chargers, an e-book, binoculars, three torches and a box containing 11 pairs of expensive sunglasses plus a number of tools reportedly used to break into parked vehicles.

According to a police statement the thief would loiter in the vicinity of a private car park until there was nobody around before checking if vehicles had been properly locked with all the windows closed.