Twizy makes driving ‘too easy’

THE TWIZY: Makes parking a pleasure again. Photo credit: Wikimedia

THERE’S nothing else like the Twizy on the road.

It was designed from the wheels up as a new concept in urban transport – a compact all-electric vehicle that’s ideal for the cut and thrust of city and suburban driving. Emissions-free in use, safe, comfortable and easy to drive, it once again shows Renault setting the agenda in forward-thinking design and engineering.

In little more than two years the Twizy (a name that captures the idea of ‘two’ and ‘easy’) was brought from concept to reality, with key input from Renault Sport Technologies into chassis, driving dynamics and clever regenerative braking technology.

Its curvy structure and wheel-at-each-corner design may look avant-garde, but the Twizy is highly practical. Its overall length is just 2.34m, the width

1.24m, allowing the Twizy to slot neatly into parking spaces too tight for other four-wheeled vehicles.

The unbroken curve of the panoramic windscreen into the roof and side wind deflectors create good protection from the elements, as well as excellent visibility, but owners can specify a ‘clear sky roof’ for an even better all-round view.

Expression versions of the Twizy are fitted with grey Snowflake wheel trims; 13-inch Diamond gloss alloys feature on the Dynamique model.

Renault’s ‘Design Your Own Twizy’ wraps allow customers to choose from a selection of existing designs (including animal prints or weather patterns), or to create a bespoke design for all or part of the vehicle.

Doors and windows are both available as options to give further protection from the British climate. The doors open with a scissor action – ideal in narrow parking spots. The windows can be fitted in minutes. The ingenious system comes in two parts – a rigid metal frame which attaches to the door and a flexible, transparent ‘window’, which fastens to the frame by means of a zip.