Andalucia to declare independence?


WHILE the Cataluña debate has continued to stir mixed passions among Spaniards, the curious prospect of Andalucian independence is also being flirted with by some on social media.

“Andalucian Nation” has started to trend on Twitter over the last week, relating to the historical, but comparatively muted, form of regional nationalism that is at play in Cataluña.

Several political parties promote the idea Andalucian separation from Spain. The ‘Andalucian Party’ is a progressive party counting among its goals self-determination for Andalucia and the recognition of Andalucians as a nation within Europe.

However, ‘Andalucian Nation’, which has less than ten thousand followers on Twitter, has called for Andalucia to declare independence and create a republic on 4 December of this year. The party is an Andalucian nationalist, pro-independence and socialist political party and was previously a member of the National Assembly of Andalucía, a coalition supporting the concept. The former left the latter in 2004.

If the declaration goes ahead, it will be highly symbolic as neither party has limited representation in town halls across the community and has not entered the Andalucian Parliament for the last 17 years.