Bad Bunny gig tickets scam


POLICE have brought down a group in Almeria accused of flogging off fake concert tickets.

The gang allegedly purchased over 60 tickets, valued at over €5,000, online using a single credit card.

When the event organisers tried to verify the payment they discovered the money was no longer available so made the tickets invalid.


Police became involved in the scam when two music fans approached officers during the “Bad Bunny” concert in Almeria’s bull ring.

The teenagers told the police officers they had bought their tickets before the event, but when they tried to enter the building, the staff informed them that their tickets were no longer valid.

Two of the event’s organisers had already informed the authorities that 64 platinum tickets were purchased illegitimately through their official website and they noticed a similar scam for another of the band’s concerts in Malaga.

The scam artists had been selling the dodgy tickets on at a reduced price, and had even swindled one unlucky customer out of €300 for six tickets.

Police were able to track down the fraudsters who were carrying 29 tickets and nearly €400 in cash on them at the time.

Event organisers confirmed that they had cancelled the confiscated tickets when they compared the barcodes.

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