Colourful quiz for Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone

F.A.C.E. President Carrie Green, with SmoothFM Radio presenter Richard Bond

THE team from F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone), recently organised a fabulous quiz night using ‘colours’ as the main theme.

The quiz was held at the Bar Kubatin, which is under the Hostel Meson in Arboleas.

The quiz master was SmoothFM Radio personality Richard Bond, who just so happens to be a member of the F.A.C.E. Committee. Questions were set by the F.A.C.E. President Carrie Green, who devised a quiz of 90 questions, the answers to which were all colour related. These included a picture round, a music round and general knowledge category.

Seven Teams of between three and six players entered the event. They were the Honeypops, The Paddys, The Aljambrians, The Big Cats, Actin’ Up, Carrie’s Dusty Boots and The Peaches. The Winners of the Wooden Spoon were The Peaches. The winning team was The Honeypops, who won €40, but they were kind enough to donate their winnings back to F.A.C.E. Charity.

In addition to the quiz, there was also a raffle for prizes that had been donated by some of F.A.C.E.’s supporters and sponsors. The charity would also like to thank the sponsors of each individual quiz round on the night. They were SmoothFM Radio, The Angels Nursing Group, Sol Yoga Centre and the Almería Bowling Centre.

The main aim was of course to raise money for the various charities which F.A.C.E. supports on an ongoing basis.The total raised was €244-50 plus the €40 that the Honeypops had so graciously donated, making a grand total of €284-50.

For further information about F.A.C.E. and the work it undertakes, or if you are interested in joining this dedicated group of fundraisers, please contact F.A.C.E. by using the new permanent telephone number. It is 634 306 727. F.A.C.E can also be contacted through it’s new Twitter  account  @FACECharity or on its web page at and also through its own Facebook Page.

Winners of the Wooden Spoon, The Peaches, with F.A.C.E. President Carrie Green and Committee Member Pauline Marshall on the left and Vice President Gilly Elliott-Binns on the right
Winners of the €40 Prize, The Honeypops, with F.A.C.E. Vice President Gilly Elliott-Binns on the left and President Carrie Green on the right