Five ways to hide tired eyes


LONG weekends or late night parties are sometimes difficult to hide on Monday mornings.

But even if you don’t feel particularly good you can still look good with these easy beauty tips that focus on the least forgiving facial feature—they eyes.

Pale eyeliner

Apply a pale liner just below the bottom lash line, as close to the eye as possible, this will reflect the light and open up those tired eyes.

Curl lashes

Curling your eyelashes before applying mascara will dramatically open the eyes adding a lift to droopy lids.

Define for divine eyes

Adding a little definition goes a long way. Smudge some eye-liner at the outer half of your top lash line for a smoky effect that will extend the shape of your eye and cover up a lack of sleep.

Mascara boost

Mascara helps to widen the eyes, curve the brush of your mascara to get closer to the roots and give lashes a little boost to looking bigger and fuller.


Use an illuminator or highlighter and apply to the outer corner of the eyes to reflect the light and widen the face, giving the illusion of bigger beautiful eyes.