Paradise lost


THE curse of mankind is unquestioned acceptance of one’s enslavement.

Throughout history, humans use fellow humans to war on their foes. Wage-slaves are used to manufacture goods or manage services, to sell on at a profit or to serve the profiteering elite.

The worst century for human slavery was the 20th century and the 21st century may be worse. Virtually everything made is manufactured under battery hen workplace conditions. Workers don’t question their hand to mouth galley slave existence.

The Soviet Union’s only worthwhile achievements were built by slaves. These accomplishments were attained by captives harvested from over thirty nations surrendered to or occupied by the Bolsheviks.

A taboo topic is that virtually every slave in the Soviet Gulag was transported by an infrastructure; ships, cattle cars and vehicles, provided by the Western powers. Average life expectancy in the Gulag was 40 days; there were plentiful replacements. Tens of millions of Europeans died. The true figures will never be known as no one then or now is interested in keeping records.

Soviet ‘Five Year Plan’ successes were dependent upon captives described by Bolshevik revolutionary Leon Trotsky as ‘White Negroes’.

Sub-Saharan Africans plundered and sold other Africans to visiting slave ship owners. Many English exiles, sentenced by the courts for trivial crimes, were sold and bartered en-route by Australia-bound ship-owners to African chiefs.

Since biblical times the Arab enslavers of Africa depopulated the coastal regions of Mediterranean Europe. Even England and Ireland were raided to feed the Moors insatiable demand for European slaves. You won’t learn that in your classrooms, nor will you read it in media or see it on your TV screens.

Another taboo topic: Taxes spent on war in the last 10-years alone could have bought every American citizen an idyllic home in an all-facilities garden community.

The money spent on just interest payable on war-related loans would provide every U.S. citizen with a two-month paid vacation every year. Do the math: Total cost of U.S. wars over the last 10 years $6 trillion. The average cost of a small home is $60,000. Number of homes built for $6 trillion 100 million.

The insatiable US and EU economies are war economies dominated by Parliaments, Congress, and Pentagon, corporate and banking interests.

An uncomfortable truth; a high number of wage slaves are indentured slaves to the banking and political systems. Anyone who hates his work but does so for security is enslaved. He is no different from the galley slave or gladiator who wields the state’s sword or pulls the oar knowing that failure to do so results in work, food and water deprivation.