Almenara choir’s Christmas concert


POPULAR Almerian musician-choir group Almenara will return to the Maestro Padilla for a Christmas performance.

Following the group’s successful Christmas concert last year and the “Enclave de Sol” festival held in May, the group will once again play in the provincial capital on December 27 to celebrate Christmas as part of a family concert.

The group will not only offer their classical bolero and Latin based repertoire, but will also perform songs with strong Christmas overtones, interpreting various Spanish-American carols as well as recent popular Spanish and Latin American music.

Several Almerian artists will also perform in the concert, collaborating with the group, as part of the repertoire organised specifically for the Christmas Concert

Almenara will also donate part of the proceeds to various charities and solidarity purposes, as they collaborats with various Associations and local NGO’s

For more information, you can follow the group on Instagram, Facebook, twitter @grupoalmenara or watch them on YouTube at Almenara Group.