Andalucia government urged to include Almeria power line in plan

Almeria Junta
Minister of Employment, Business and Commerce, Javier Carnero

THE Andalusian Junta is urging the Spanish government to include the Vera-Baza-Caparacena power line in its 2015-2020 Electric Transport Network plan.

The Minister of Employment, Business and Commerce, Javier Carnero, has lamented that this infrastructure “has disappeared again from the plans of the central government without any explanation, as it did in 2012, despite the work carried out by 90 municipalities of Almería and Granada, the two provincial councils and the Ministry.”

The 2015-2020 Electric Transport Network Plan was approved by the Council of Ministers in October 2015 but does not include the Vera-Baza-Caparacena line.

Mr Carnero argues that the absence puts in danger the electrical supply to new business initiatives and the economic prosperity of the region.