Miami and Almeria discuss commercial and tourist agreements


THE city of Miami and the province of Almeria will address possible commercial and tourism agreements between both territories to boost the economy of both regions.

The president of Diputacion, Gabriel Amat, and the Vice-President, Javier A. García, received the first lady of the City of Miami, Ana Cristina Corredeaguas, in the Provincial Palace.

President Amat said the meeting was to establish an informal agreement that would mean a boost in investment in the province of Almeria and, also, in Miami. “The idea is to create a bond to be able to make exchanges that allow our economy to continue growing”.

During the meeting, the Mrs Corredeaguas  suggested that the agricultural potential of the province, as well as the possibilities offered by Almeria for tourists, were significant:

“We have the only virgin beaches of the Mediterranean arc, and we are the only territory in Europe where you can enjoy the four seasons in a single day. The beach and the snow are only an hour away,” assured the Vice President.

She added that: “We are complementary territories. Almería has many aspects that interest Miami and Miami also offers great possibilities for Almerian companies to invest there.”