Universal Wonderful Street Academy holds annual charity fundraiser

GOOD TIME: Some of those who attended the fundraiser

THE Universal Wonderful Street Academy recently held its annual charity dinner in Mojácar, as part of its fund raising activities to support the orphaned and abandoned children of Accra, in the Republic of Ghana.

The non-profit organisation was created in 2012 by singer Louis Wonder to give children an education, healthcare and a daily meal, all free of charge.

Currently, the Wonderful Street Academy helps more than two hundred children up to 16 years old.

In order to support the Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a headquarters was created in Mojácar, unique in Spain, which helps them to raise funds.

Alongside the various activities carried out this year by the NGO, a fundraising meal, attended by the Mayor of Mojácar, Rosa María Cano was held. All donations collected are used directly for the children and the maintenance of the school.

Beatriz García, head of Universal Wonderful Street Academy in Mojácar, has been organising solidarity projects in this town for more than six years and coordinating new proposals to raise funds to provide education for the most disadvantaged children in Ghana.

The Republic of Ghana is one of the largest and most populous African countries. Although it is a relatively wealthy country, its economic outlook is unpredictable and suffers high levels of poverty of which children are the most disadvantaged and who suffer the most.