Ye Greatte Flanne


‘WE’VE got too many lemons – I’m going to make a flan with them.’

Bold words – I’ve never made a flan in my life!

Investigation proved that we had all the makings of a flan – as long as lemons were the only ingredient needed!

So Henry the car and I repaired post haste to The Corner Shop – that tiny emporium of all things essential.

Today I not only didn’t know where to find things, but what the things were that I couldn’t find, so I gazed blankly at the laden shelves while the ever tranquil Jean collected my needings, an agglomeration of edibles that I have never bought before while Ashton (who is built for such a purpose) reached up for the high things.

So far so good. I returned home with my bag of mystery goodies and tipped them out on the kitchen table – stage 1 successfully completed!

Under the guidance of Pete, I commenced Stage 1a, and began to search for the machinery required for the construction of a flan.

I found strange objects that I didn’t even know we possessed in the inner depths of our cupboards; I felt like a deep sea diver, coming face-to-face with creatures of the murky deep never before seen by Mankind, but I fearlessly rooted them out and assembled them on the kitchen table next to their unsuspecting prey, the raw components of the soon to be flan.

Right! That was the easy bit – now for stage 2…