Almeria Council celebrates 182nd ‘Day of the Province’

Happy Birthday Almeria: Celebrating ‘Day of the Province.’

THIS week Roquetas de Mar hosted the ‘Day of the Province’ celebrating the 1835 decree signed by Queen Elizabeth II which formed the Council of Almería.

According to the Council, the ‘Day of the Province’ “helps to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the municipalities, but highlights the historical, social and cultural references of Almeria and enhances the sense of belonging and attachment to an institution and a common territory.”

This year top awards were given to five people and institutions who best represented the values of Almeria, including photographer Carlos Pérez Siquier; the Maritime Rescue team; the band Culture Points and windsurfing champion Víctor Fernández. The ceremony was presided over by the President of Council and mayor of Roquetas, Gabriel Amat.