Two alleged paedophiles from Almeria arrested


THE National Police has arrested two individuals from Almeria who are accused of storing more than 5,000 photos of sexual abuse of girls aged 6 to 10 years.

Through international police co-operation, a complaint came to Spain’s specialised agents who located and arrested the alleged paedophiles in Barcelona and in the province of Almería.

Those detained had reportedly uploaded thousands of illegal images to a cloud storage service managed by a company in New Zealand.

The investigation began following a complaint filed by the New Zealand web company to the authorities of Spain.

In a separate police operation, police officers also arrested six people who were exchanging child pornography over the Internet using the same mail service to distribute and share illegal material.

The arrests were made in Almería, Mataro (Barcelona), Tarragona, Madrid, Valladolid and Barcelona capital.

The National Police has advised all citizens to come forward in complete confidence if they have information about any alleged criminal websites, publications or any situation that endangers children and email: denuncias.pornografí