WATCH: Film Review – Wonder


REMEMBER Jacob Tremblay, the adorable breakout star of Oscar-winning film The Room?

His fledgling career takes an exciting turn with his new project. Based on the New York Times bestseller, Wonder tells the incredibly inspiring story of Auggie Pullman.

The central character in Stephen Chbosky’s ‘Wonder,’ is a brainy 10-year-old boy with a sweet high voice and a congenital facial deformity, whom numerous corrective surgeries have left him looking like a cherub after a car accident.

His left eye tugs downward as if a teardrop were falling from it; his ears are bulbs of flesh, and his face is framed by a pinkish ring of scar tissue.

He’s just an ordinary kid whose looks take a bit of getting used to. It’s a very tasteful heart-tugger – a drama of disarmingly level-headed empathy that glides along with wit, assurance, and grace, and has something touching and resonant to say about the current climate of American bullying.

At the same time, the film never upsets the apple cart of conventionality. Wonder is an honest feel-good movie.