15-year-old arrested after alleged stabbing in Almeria


NATIONAL Police have arrested a 15-year-old girl for allegedly stabbing a 13-year-old in the shoulder during a fight.

According to reports, Police were first called by a school in La Chanca-Pescaderia after an alleged fight broke out in the school courtyard between a small group of students.

Police reportedly attended the scene at the school but no arrests were made at that moment in time.

But a few hours later, a second brawl allegedly broke out close to Calle Cordoneros with several people involved.

During the fight, a 13-year-old alleged victim suffered a stab wound to the shoulder.

She was transferred to hospital to be treated for her injuries, but they were not serious and did not hit any vital organs.

As a result, the alleged 15-year-old assailant was subsequently arrested by the National Police.