SCHOOLBOY ERROR: Teens arrested on suspicion of robbery after one allegedly leaves phone behind

ACCIDENT: The incident occurred on Calle de Cerrillos de Roquetas de Mar ©Shutterstock

THREE teens have been arrested after they allegedly committed several robberies in vehicles among other crimes and left their phone in one of the cars.

Guardia Civil officers first became aware of the crime when they found a man climbing up the exterior of a house in Las Norias de Daza, El Ejido.

He was followed into the house due to his suspicious behaviour and had reportedly attempted to squat in the house, which had damage to its doors and windows.

The young man was allegedly found with several covers of car radios inside his backpack, which led officers to believe he may have been involved in several vehicle thefts that occurred in the region.

Police were then allegedly able to verify that their information matched up and were also able to identify two others due to the evidence reportedly found in one of the robbed cars.

It is believed that one of the teens allegedly left their phone behind during one of the robberies.

As a result, a 20-year old was arrested on suspicion of three crimes of theft inside a vehicle and one in a house, damages and squatting crimes, while two others, aged 18 and 21, were charged with three vehicle robberies.