Three people arrested on suspicion of olive oil theft

SEIZED: Police managed to recover 646 litres of the stolen olive oil ©Guardia Civil

THREE people have been arrested in Vera on suspicion of stealing more than 1,000 litres of olive oil.

Guardia Civil officers first became aware of an alleged theft after receiving a complaint from an individual claiming that they had had 1,280 litres of olive oil stolen from them.

The olive oil was reportedly stored in 80 separate boxes and valued at approximately €6,400.

After opening an investigation, Police learned that the oil is only sold abroad in two-litre bottles, but reportedly suspected that the individuals that stole the oil would sell them locally in Vera.

From there, they were reportedly able to follow a trail of the merchandise which led them to a garage in Vera, where 646 litres of oil in 40 boxes that remained unsold were seized.

One individual was arrested following the seizure and after further investigations; two more people were arrested for allegedly using their positions as workers for a multi-service company to force access to the storage room, going unnoticed by residents.