LOST HIS MARBLE: Man arrested accused of stealing €21,000 of marble in Almeria

SEIZED: The allegedly stolen marble ©Guardia Civil

A MAN has been arrested in Almeria after allegedly stealing €21,000 worth of marble pieces alongside scrap metal estimated to be worth a further €3,000.

Guardia Civil officers were first informed of a potential theft from a factory in the Almanzora region after the owners of the company filed a complaint.

They reportedly claimed they had suspicions about an alleged worker in their factory, who they believed would come to work ”a little before the workday” to load his vehicle with the stolen vehicle.

It was also reportedly claimed that the process would be repeated on ‘several occasions’ throughout the day.

Officers then proceeded to investigate the alleged suspect’s vehicle and reportedly found thick pieces of black marble, valued at an estimated €130, under a rubber mat and the man was subsequently arrested.