Radio ready: Mojacar mayor speaks on Spectrum

ANSWERS: Mayor Rosmari Cano and Councillor Emmanuel Aguero answered listener’s questions on the British radio channel

MAYOR of Mojacar, Rosmarí Cano, along with the Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero, recently spoke on Spectrum Radio.

They appeared on the show to answer questions from local listeners and popular presenter, Richard Shanley.

Both regularly use this means of communication to announce municipality news as well as answer residents’ queries, maintaining a direct personal contact with the people of the town.

During this particular appearance, the pair answered questions and concerns about future parking for the Pueblo Indalo, the new phase of the Paseo Marítimo and, the works in the Plaza de la Estrella.

Both the Mayor and Tourism Councillor reported on the work done whilst attending the recent FITUR International Tourism Fair, which focused on ways of enhancing winter tourism.

They also spoke about dates for upcoming events in Mojácar including the welcome return of the Tunas musical gathering in April (after a break last year) and a brand new event for the town, a Rockabilly Festival, in May.

Mojácar’s Spectrum Radio Station is located in the town’s Parque Comercial on the beach road and has the largest audience in the region among the English-speaking population.