Pulpi’s giant geode set for tourism hike

ON SHOW: Visits have been planned for the Pulpi geode ©Twitter

VISITS to the Pulpi’s giant geode are set to be held in the near future after an agreement was signed between the town’s Mayor and the Diputacion de Almeria.

Located in the town’s Rich Mine, the giant structure was first discovered by members of the Madrid Mineralogist Group in 1999.

Diputaction de Almeria President, Gabriel Amat and the Mayor of Pulpi, Juan Pedro Garcia, have signed an agreement which reportedly includes a €498,000 investment in the natural phenomenon, with €200,000 expected to go towards training ahead of future visits.

The giant structure, which is covered in plaster crystals, measures an estimated eight metres in length, while also measuring 1.8 metres wide.

Its entrance is in the shape of a funnel, with the narrowest part measuring just 0.5 metres in diameter, before the narrow passage opens up into its huge space which is more than 60 metres deep.

Visitors will not only be able to admire the Pulpi geode but will also get to visit parts of the Rich Mine, which itself has a unique geological heritage.

With reportedly more than 350 metres and three levels of galleries for exploration, those visiting the geode will also get to see smaller plaster geodes among other geological elements which can be found throughout the Rich Mine.

The news comes after the town of Pulpi launched a ‘virtual recreation’ trip to the geode in 2015 at the Castle of San Juan de los Terreros, an attraction that has since had 40,000 visitors from some 30 different countries.