Europe faces a cancer epidemic

Photo by National Cancer Institute

Experts urge immediate action to boost research and treatment after 100 million screening lost due to pandemic 

The Covid pandemic has left a major impact on the research and treatment of cancer patients. According to a report by Lancet Oncology Commission, over 1 million cancer diagnoses were missed during the pandemic. The report was  

“There is emerging evidence that a higher proportion of patients are diagnosed with later cancer stages compared with pre-pandemic rates as a result of substantial delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment”, the report states, which was published in an article by the Guardian on Tuesday, November 15. It then adds that, “This cancer stage shift will continue to stress European cancer systems for years to come”.  

The report also adds that data analyzed from clinics saw 1.5 million fewer patients with cancer in the first year of the pandemic, with one in two patients not receiving surgery or chemotherapy on time. 

According to the article, the report is titled European Groundshot – Addressing Europe’s Cancer Research Challenges: a Lancet Oncology Commission. It was made after scientists, patients and health experts in the field of cancer were brought together for this study.  

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