Germany commits extra € 1 Billion to Ukraine

Image: Efasein/

Funds allocated to protect Ukraine from cyber-attacks and for documenting war crimes

The German government has announced an extra € 1 Billion to support Ukraine against possible Russian cyber-attacks and to gather evidence of war crimes, according to a report by Reuters on Friday, November 11.

For Germany, this move makes a win for the Green, the coalition party, as it has been strongly advocating for military support since the invasion was first ordered by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the report states.

“The Ukraine budget makes clear that our support goes far beyond the important and necessary weapons deliveries,” said Robin Wagener, the Green legislator from Germany in the report. He further added that, “We are investing massively in peace in Europe and Ukraine”.

Germany has been the third largest military contributor to Ukraine since the war began in February this year, according to the report. The country now aims to send some money to support teams to find and record evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses. Extra money, the report states, will also be given to support civil societies and journalists working in the war-torn area.

The allocation of additional funding comes amid debate over whether Germany should increase its military aid to Ukraine, which the country requires to face the Russian Army, including tanks.

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