Sweden to invest more in supporting electric transportation

Sweden to invest more in supporting electric transportation
Sweden to invest more in supporting electric transportation. Image: Mulevich/Shutterstock.com

The Swedish government has announced plans to make further investments in electric transport throughout the country. 

In line with this goal, it has announced an investment of 400 million SEK (36.8 million euros) to be used to create more charging infrastructure. 

In a press release, the government underlined the importance of these investments in “creating the conditions for individuals and companies throughout the country to make the choices required to take climate and environmental work forward towards the climate goals”. 

One particular goal of the plan will be to create sufficient charging infrastructure that electric cars can become a good option for residents, regardless of whether they live in urban areas or sparsely populated rural ones. 

There is also an emphasis on promoting electric forms of public transport. The ambition is to help Sweden reach its target goals for 2030 and for emissions in the transport sector to be basically zero by 2045 at the latest. 

The investment of 400 million SEK will be maintained on a yearly basis and will rise to 500 million per year in 2024 and 2025.

 The policy, which was announced by the Climate and Environment Minister Romania Pourmokhtari, has come as a result of an agreement between the  Sweden Democrats, the Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals.

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