China plans to open international travel amidst rising COVID-19 cases

Photo by Robert-Way

The announcement to life travel ban comes at a time when the country´s hospitals are overwhelmed with five to six times the amount of COVID cases than usual 

The Chinese government has announced the plan to lift the travel ban in the country and reopen its borders. According to a report in Euronews on Tuesday, December 27, this move comes at a time when the country is facing a huge spike in COVID-19 cases.  

The government said that people will be able to travel internationally from January 2023, after the country was cut off for over three years, due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The frequent lockdowns and zero-tolerance-measures have had a major impact on the country´s economy since early 2020, which also resulted in protests last month against President Xi Jingpin.  

China is now facing a major spike in COVID-19 cases, after the government decided to removed restrictions in the country, leaving the spread of the virus unchecked.  

Doctors in the country meanwhile are suggesting that the number of COVID cases in China have now increased upto to five or six times than usual, as the hospitals have been overwhelmed.  


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