Dutch court rejects plans to shoot wolves with paintball guns

Photo by Kenny Goossen/ Unsplash.com

The court says regional authorities need to do more research to find a solution after farmers in the Netherlands claim wolves have killed dozens of livestock  

A local court in the Netherlands has rejected plans of shooting the country´s growing populations of wolves with paint guns to scare them.

According to a report by the Associated Press on Wednesday, November 30, the court passed its judgement after local authorities in the eastern province of Gelderland issued a special exemption on regulations protecting the wolves. This regulation, the report said, allowed officials to shoot the animals with paint guns.

The court, including several other critics, objected to this plan arguing that it was untested. The report states, the court ruled, officials had not provided any justifications that this approach would teach wolves to stay out of the area.

Wolves have made a return to the Netherlands after over two centuries of being hunted to extinction. The report said, the present population of wolves in the country crossed from the German border in 2019, and later gave birth to three cubs in Dutch territory.

The return of the species to the Netherlands is being considered a huge success as the population of wolves in the country is now growing. But, the report adds, farmers in the country have now been claiming that dozens of their livestock have been eaten by wolves. Aside from this, another video of a cyclist being chased by a wolf has also been viral on social media, the report said.

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