Europe not strong enough to stand up against Russia´s Ukraine invasion: Finland PM

Image of Finnish PM Sanna Marin. Credit: @TyttiTup

Sanna Marin says EU would have been in trouble if US would not have helped 

Finland´s Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that Europe has to reply on American support to stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to a report by the BBC on Saturday, December 3, Marin said, “I must be brutally honest with you, Europe isn’t strong enough right now,” she said, adding, “We would be in trouble without the United States”.    

She made this statement at the Lowy Institute think tank in Sydney during a visit to Australia.  

Talking about EU she said, “Europe’s defences must be strengthened”, adding, “”The United States has given a lot of weapons, a lot of financial aid, a lot of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Europe isn’t strong enough yet”.  

The US has been the largest provider of military aid to Ukraine, followed by the UK, the report said. It has committed over $18.6bn in the form of support since the start of the war in February.  

Marin also said that more is require to be done to increase European defenses. “Europe must make sure it is building those capabilities when it comes to European defence, European defence industry, and making sure that we could cope in different kinds of situations”, she said, according to the report.  

Discussing about Russia, Marin said that countries in Europe should have paid attention to states such as Poland and the Baltics. According to the report, she said, “They had warned that Russia does not “care about their economic ties, they don’t care about the sanctions, they don’t care about any of that” when it comes to invading Ukraine”.

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