France implements plans for potential winter power cuts

French ministers ask for reduction in energy consumption to combat power cuts risk
Photo: Fre Sonneveld - Unsplash

Le Figaro – The French government has sent a document to local authorities in which they outline the plans they have put in place in case of power cuts caused by energy supply problems this winter. 

According to the analysis, it is possible that scheduled power cuts may affect up to 60% of the French population this winter. The government hopes that by adopting the policy of “load shedding” it would be able to protect key services and also more vulnerable people. 

The document explains that France would only need to adopt load shedding if there is a combination of factors, including a “period of below-average temperatures, an issue with production or the interconnection (with neighbouring countries) and if consumption does not drop”. In these circumstances, those who are considered to be a priority or are connected by chance to a priority line, “which represents 40% of people”, would not see any change to their supply. 

Furthermore, the plans outline that no single region would have their entire territory cut off, but instead it would be minority parts of various regions. In addition, the same people who never have their energy cut twice, and the 3,800 high-risk patients who depend on home medical equipment would not be affected. Finally, it is confirmed that if such cuts do take place, they would be at times of peak consumption, between 8am and 1pm in the morning, and between 6pm and 8pm in the evening. 

In the case of a scheduled cut in power, a red EcoWatt signal will be sent out three days in advance so that people and institutions are able to prepare, with a one day notice for the specific regions that will be affected. 

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