Spanish electric car manufacturer designs foldable car for smart cities

Photo by NTDDnergy/

The car designed by automaker NTD Energy – an offshoot of Seat Volkswagen, can fold into a size small enough to fit three in a normal car parking space 

A revolutionary new car design that aims to bring designs for future smart cities into today´s everyday life has been recently showcased by the Spanish electric car manufacturer NTD Energy. Known as Lakota, the car is capable of folding to reduce its wheelbase, according to a report by Euronews on Thursday, December 15.  

NTD Energy, an offshoot of Seat Volkswagen, is currently in the process of developing the car, which the company envisions to be the future of urban transport. “We are designing the vehicles for the new smart cities, but it can be used now”, said Ricardo Arrondo, CEO of NTD Energy, in the report.  

Lakota can fold into such a compact size that three of its cars will occupy the same areas as a normal car parking space. The car does that by raising its body higher along with the cockpit, while reducing its wheelbase, by bringing the wheels closer. This pulls its electric motors, steering, brakes, and wheels upwards, when it folds, while the passengers are still inside.  

The report said, this transformation allows the wheelbase to be reduced from 3 meters to 2 meters. The drivers can then open the front windscreens to exit the car.  

The foldable car only weighs 580 kg and will be partly made out of hemp. NTD Energy claims that the car will have a top speed capped at 90 km/h and will take 15 minutes to charge from 20 percent to 100 percent, using fast charging.  

The company has plans to make three versions of the car, that include – a convertible buggy, a two-seater, and a mini-delivery truck.

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