EastEnders Live Week


EastEnders Live Week

Well, where do we even begin to dissect last night’s jaw-dropping drama from Walford?

A killer reveal, a live birth and a shock comeback – the latest instalment of EastEnders’ Live Week had it all…



EE1The identity of Lucy’s murderer was almost completely overshadowed by the return of Kathy Beale! We’d mused, we’d hoped, we’d even prayed… but never in our wildest dreams did we think Walford bosses would actually bring Kathy back from the dead.

BEST surprise of the night.


EE2After months of twists and turns, it was finally revealed that Lucy’s 11-year-old brother BOBBY was the one to finish her off. The kid must’ve packed a real punch, considering Lucy survived a scrap with Denise just moments earlier! Still, we can’t wait to see how Jane – who helped cover up Bobby’s crime – explains herself to Ian tonight. And it’s all gonna be live…


EE3This was the episode that would chart Lucy’s final journey leading up to her death, and boy did it deliver. All the loose ends were tied up, and we even found out where Ronnie got the gun that Shirley used to shoot Phil. Turns out Richard Blackwood’s Vincent isn’t as much of a stranger to the Square as we thought…


EE4What a triumph for the EastEnders production team. Not only did they cut to a live sequence on location with Phil against the glittering backdrop of Canary Wharf and the O2, but there was also some very clever editing in play. The crew had prepared for the possibility of wet weather, and pre-recorded Ian with wet hair in case it rained during the live segments. Genius!


EE5Is it just us, or does Martin have a touch of the Bradley Brannings about him? His awkward lunge to kiss Stacey reminded us of the days when she wouldn’t give her ginger soulmate the time of day. Keep an eye on these two, as we reckon it could be the start of something special…


EE6Congratulations, Kush, on your official initiation to Albert Square. After being invited into a circle of trust to decide Dot’s fate, poor Kush was flabbergasted when Sharon suggested they get rid of Nick’s body. Maybe someone should have a little word with the hunky market trader, and explain that this is the way things are done in Walford!


EE7If Tameka Empson isn’t popping Halls Soothers like they’re going out of fashion today, we’ll be surprised! The actress gave everything she had in Kim’s live birth scenes, and the nation wept when baby Pearl cried out for the first time. But what was Kim’s rant in the ambulance to Denise all about? We couldn’t help notice mysterious Vincent lurking in the background. Was Kim telling her sister to stay away from her daughter, or was she warning off someone else entirely?


EE8It was funny to think that, after everything they’ve been through, Tanya was still angling for a bit of Max under the guise of returning for Jane’s wedding. We can’t believe for a second that Max would’ve turned her down, so has Tan simply nipped back to Exeter or whatever to pack her things? We hope so!

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