Too late to be talking about our Annual New Years day swim, not really, we have just received the last sponsorship contribution and this year have raised 2488.16 Euros from the efforts of the 23 intrepid souls who braved the waves, with ages spanning some 7 decades our youngest at 10 and our most mature at 83, it was a riot. Dressed in fancy dress as well as the more traditional costumes the swimmers entertained an audience of some 350 people. This s the 10th time that PALS (Protection and Life Saving) have held this event and already we have requests for sponsorship forms for 2016.

PALS have over their 15 years of charity status donated over 1 quarter of a million Euros for the purchase of life saving equipment in and around Mazarron most going to 112 and Cruz Roja but also to the local Saluds’ and to other ‘’hands on’’ medical emergency teams. Included in this is the purchase of a new ambulance (with assistance from The Lions and CCIR but PALS being the largest cash provider). The other equipment includes two emergency hospital trauma tents (Used at the Lorca Earthquake disaster) two inshore rescue jets skis, 9 defibrillators and a mass of other state of the art ambulance and light weight machines and items all specifically donated for the use of all, regardless of race, creed , gender or age. In addition PALS initiated a concert for the Lorca Earthquake and raised over 6000 Euros in equipment which was then also used when that city was devastated by a Gota Fria.


In raising funds PALS have events to include a coach trip to Portugal in May (7 nights ,519 Euros) and a Christmas break in Benidorm (4 days 245 Euros) available, all other events this year are sold out, and PALS pride themselves on offering great trips, holidays and events at extremely good prices and in our spirit of honesty advise that the accounts are available for inspection at any time. We are currently considering the funds that we hold for future purchases and, if required , for local and regional disasters Any information call 626 460 465