Documents You Must Carry


Documents You Must Carry


What documents do I have to take in my car?

  1. ITV card

  1. ITV Report (Cars with more than 4 years old)

3.Permiso de Circulacion (where you can see the plate number, who is the owner and other details)

  1. Insurance policy (the insurance receipt it is NOT compulsory to take in the car, but if you have a traffic accident you will need to know your policy number for the Accident Agreement).

  1. European Accident Agreement (ADVISABLE; if you have a traffic accident you will need one, ask to your insurance company for one in your language.)

(You do not have to take the annual tax you pay every years to your Town Hall, no policemen will ask you for that receipt.)

If you do not want to take the original documents, you must go to a notary, he will make a photocopy from the original and he will put a stamp on it, since that moment you can take the photocopies in the car, they will be valid as well as original documents.

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