Mojácar Gym Class Celebrates Member’s 90th Birthday


Mojácar Gym Class Celebrates Member’s 90th Birthday

The Mojácar seniors’ gym group recently held an after class party to celebrate the 90th birthday of its ‘most senior’ member, Edna Thirlaway. Edna, who has lived in Mojácar for nearly twelve years with her daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Patrick Bennett, has attended the class regularly since it started eight years ago. During her time living permanently in Mojácar, she has also participated in free language and salsa classes as well as enjoying all of the Club Macenas seniors club regular dinner dances where she has made many friends of all nationalities.

The gym class has become increasingly popular since it began, with often 60 or more people attending, thanks to the expert instruction of popular gym tutor, David Parra. David cleverly tailors the sessions to all ages and abilities, with a wide variety of exercises (some seated) aimed to increase mobility as well as memory and co-ordination. Not only is it a healthy pastime, David makes sure that the class is a lot of fun and, it is also great way to socialise.

If you wish to join the class, which is funded by the Town Hall, it is held at the Centro de Usos Mutiples on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays every week from 10 to 11a.m and is free to both men and women who are on the Mojácar Padrón.

Attached is a photo of Edna with tutor, David Parra at her gym class birthday celebration.

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